'Why I believe Jeremy Bamber is Innocent'

"Hope is What Keeps the Human Spirit Alive, Without Hope There is Nothing"

Jeremy Bamber, 2010

Why do so many people work for Jeremy, support his campaign or write to him in prison? This is testimony from those people who offer that vital lifeline between Jeremy and his freedom. Many have never spoken before but have known him since before he went to prison. They are people from many different walks of life who all have a common ground in their support for an innocent man who never stops fighting for his freedom.

Each individual contributor has been invited to participate and put forward their reasons for believing in Jeremy’s innocence and also to build a true picture of Jeremy’s character as they see it.

This web site is only about presenting the personal opinion of the participants and not intended to contain substantial evidence on the case but it is operated by the Official Campaign. If you wish to learn more about the documented case from the Defence point of view please visit http://www.jeremy-bamber.co.uk

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