An innocent man, sent to prison for the crime of being the beneficiary of his father’s estate - by Elizabeth, Paralegal.

George Orwell famously once said, ‘all men are equal, but some men are more equal than others,’ under a liberal democracy of course, we are told we all have equality before the law. In Jeremy’s case, as in many others I suspect, this principle does not apply. Whoever placed the enquiry into the facts of what happened at White House Farm on the 7th August 1985 under Public Interest Immunity was abusing the very word ‘democracy.’ It was that, in addition to all the evidence that was gradually being cited by Jeremy’s website, which made me contact him in the first instance. I used to check his website every so often to see how he was getting on really, and I wrote to him after some considerable thought, not quite knowing what to say. His response was reassuring, and earnest.

Since then, the evidence gathered, that had been denied, clearly breaching the rules surrounding disclosure, shows that Jeremy was the victim of an extreme set of circumstances resulting in him being scapegoated and there is also a lot of hearsay regarding what type of man he is. The conspiracy certainly involved the police bungling the scene and involved his relatives, greedy as they were, colluding so as to deny Jeremy his father’s estate. Jeremy was only 24 when he lost his family, he was vulnerable emotionally and he was an adopted child, it was these two issues along with the corruption of local village police officers all the way to the top, that allowed this disgraceful set of circumstances to become real. As to his character, he is certainly a very effervescent, intelligent, warm character, he is not manipulative or a lady’s man, or a charmer – he is just Jeremy, a very sincere person. I like to think that I am astute and I am certainly not gullible and I know that Jeremy is not out to try and gain people’s trust with a nefarious agenda. He is innocent and that is his driving force, that and self - belief, which is a very admirable quality. Imagine losing your family in just one night and being outside the scene with the very officers who later, fabricated evidence against you so that you become the deviant party to a tragic incident where no one wins except those who have an agenda – his relatives. After knowing the truth, that you are totally innocent, that the facts have been altered for a pecuniary gain, that you lose everything, you would perhaps lose your mind, or feel such despair that you may do something stupid. Jeremy never did, he has fought and fought the system, the very system which should have protected him – that is a sign of great strength, courage and conviction.   

I have been writing to Jeremy since March 2011, which isn’t long, but he has allowed me to get to know him and he is a very strong character, maybe that is why he has got through this terrible injustice. He is always warm and has a great sense of humour, he is

not even bitter about having all those years taken away from him – he just wants what we all want for him – justice. Yet, he will never get back all the life chances he has been robbed of, he just wants to be free to get on with his life and I have absolutely no doubt that he will grab it with both hands and enjoy it. I am glad I made contact with Jeremy, it has enriched my life because he is an example to each of us about how strong the human spirit can be in the face of great adversity.

Now that there is substantive evidence that very clearly shows police corruption and that his relatives committed perjury, I want to see him freed and the relevant people who robbed him of his life brought to account. There has been a media campaign against Jeremy while all this evidence has been slowly collated, it is a load of rubbish, don’t believe what you read in the press, if you want to know the truth look at the website, look at all the evidence of fact, see for yourself, then imagine how you would feel if that was your son, brother or partner. Imagine what it would be like if that was you. The media have done this purposefully because they don’t want people to know the truth, that we live under a veneer of a democracy and that the police can be corrupt, just like politicians. Remember the Birmingham Six, Guildford Four and the Maguire Seven? We were told that would never happen again. Jeremy has become an embarrassment to the establishment and it is only people like us and Jeremy that can call them to account, so please help Jeremy in whatever way you can.

Jeremy Bamber an innocent man, sent to prison for the crime of being the beneficiary of his father’s estate, a man who has humbled me at times and made me think what would I do if I was in his shoes?