Timothy Ernest


I worked with Jeremy many years ago and I got to know him very well through this job. To me he spoke about farming a lot and seemed to enjoy it and wanted to develop the way that the farm worked, he wanted to use new technology at the time to further the business. To be truthful I think this work was just light relief for him, never did I think that he took it seriously or preferred it to farming. He was never flash with money but was hardly ever short of it. 

I spent time with him at his cottage in Goldhanger, he was the sort of person who always had time for me, and I visited White House Farm and met his family a couple of times. I also met Julie a few times but never understood why Jeremy was going with her as I

thought of her as a sly and moody woman. She seemed inadequate as well as insecure and the pair were badly suited in my view. Never did Jeremy come across as angry in my presence and never did he speak badly of any person especially his parents and always seemed very appreciative of what they had done for him.

I was reeling with shock from what had happened at White House Farm and none of it made sense. I came to question myself about whether I really knew Jeremy because of the things said about him by other people, my gut instincts were that he hadn’t committed the murders and the way I had felt about Julie always remained the same and was compounded by her media interviews. The reports in the press seemed so overwhelming at the time. People felt afraid to stand up for Jeremy fearing such association would blacken their character but I knew a number of people who held the same beliefs as myself but did nothing.

I didn’t contact Jeremy again until many years later, I found him welcoming and I enjoyed the same warmth of character in his letters. I feel regret that I turned my back for so many years and this testimony is my way of saying I’m sorry Jeremy I should have spoken for you sooner. I know you are innocent and always did.