Tom Sturgeon

Why I believe Jeremy is innocent by Tom Sturgeon, retired printer.
It may seem strange to the casual observer that I am writing a testimonial for a person I've never met, but please bear with me as I try to explain. As I watched on the local news, all those years ago, that Jeremy Bamber had been found "guilty" of the tragic events at White House Farm, I turned to my wife and said,"I think he's innocent." That comment was based on the very thin evidence that was available at the time and that gut feeling never left me.
I feel ashamed that, like the rest of the world, I then just got on with my life. It must have seemed to Jeremy that everyone turned their backs on him during those dark years. With the help of the internet, we can read all the details of the old and the new evidence that has since emerged. As one sifts through the facts it is transparently clear that there is NO evidence to support this miscarriage of Justice.
The corrupt system listened to hearsay rather than give any credence to the police reports and photographs. On top of this, they were withholding vital evidence. If this had happened before 1964 then Jeremy would have been hanged and the world would have assumed that he was indeed guilty. I shudder to think of how many people walked to the gallows protesting their innocence only to have their cries fall on deaf ears. He's not asking for instant freedom, but just to be heard at a fair trial so the truth may emerge.
You have to ask yourself why the authorities are denying him his basic Human Right. I'll leave you to draw your own conclusion.
This is England's shame for the whole world to see. He's been robbed of his young, vibrant years...dreams unfulfilled...all hopes for the future taken from him because for Jeremy, there was no future.
Alas, society has lost sight of Jeremy as a very warm human being with feelings, just like you and me. He tends to be buried under piles of here's a little of the man I've come to know through a few letters. Jeremy writes eloquently and positively, but more surprisingly, with a great deal of humour. He has never lost the will to fight for his personal justice, simply because he is innocent...he has done nothing wrong. Jeremy is a kind, thoughtful person who never shows a trace of bitterness for his plight. It's very poignant when he talks about his Mum, Dad, Sheila and the twins and the love he has for them shines through the pages.  He didn't realise just how ill Sheila was and this guilt weighs heavily on his shoulders to this day.
Jeremy remains a dignified gentleman and has carried on his long campaign with honour, fierce passion, sincerity and absolute conviction. He always tells ME not to worry...that's the true measure of Jeremy Bamber.
I may shake his hand one day as a free man....that's all I want.


Since this testimonial was written a few years ago, my wife and I have visited Jeremy in Full Sutton many times and continue to do so. I am pleased to say that my first impressions of Jeremy through his letters proved to be correct. He has a vast knowledge of numerous subjects and our conversations with him are always interesting and diverse. Jeremy welcomes any questions I have about the tragedy and answers them openly and honestly. He told us that he was brought up always to tell the truth and this he has consistently done throughout his life.

There is no possible way that Jeremy could or would have been involved in anything that would harm his family. The memories he shares with us are of a happy childhood on the farm and the plans he and his Dad had for the future of White House Farm.

To know the real Jeremy is to know a gentle, thoughtful, kind and lovely man who misses his family every day and always talks affectionately about all of them. Jeremy has never lost the capacity to laugh and has the amazing ability to make the most of his dreadful situation.

He has taught me so much about the really important things in life...not material possessions but people, friends, family and freedom, things we tend to take so much for granted.

I don't just think Jeremy Bamber is innocent...I KNOW he is.