Shelly Cook

Let me start by saying that I have wanted to share a little of my testimony for at least a couple of months, but have not had the courage to do so until now. I felt I would not be able to write a presentable piece that would do Jeremy the justice he so rightly deserves. I have never told Jeremy I have dyslexia. He must know from my mail to him that something is wrong, but he never refers to it, never mentions it, which I think says something about the character of the man. He is gracious and has enough faith to allow me to write a little piece to put up on the web. He also encouraged me to learn my laptop as I have never used one till a few weeks ago. Without that encouragement from him I would not have given it a go.

I first became interested in Jeremy's case in June 2010 when I experienced a very strange dream which featured a large Georgian Farm House. I shall not reveal what I saw, it is enough that it still haunts me to this day, but I have told Jeremy. I knew nothing about this case having never read up on it before. I was younger then I must admit never gave it much thought. But this dream disturbed me. For weeks it played on my mind and became my every waking thought. I purchased every book, newspaper article anything I could lay my hands on about the case. I read everything twice over. I also went to Goldhanger to see if I could feel or pick up any vibes from the area.

In August 2010 a newspaper I bought had the address of Full Sutton staring me in the face. I said to myself right I am going to write to Jeremy not really expecting a reply. I did get a reply, a very nice letter from him. I now write on a regular basis and feel totally at ease with him. I have to say from everything I read the good stuff and also the bad I can honestly say I cannot find one piece of evidence for the conviction, so how come it happened?

I am astonished at the injustice of this case - perplexed too at the so called justice system which allows an innocent man to stay in jail. One wonders how do they live with the guilt on their hands? I might add some people are only to quick to believe the negative rather than the positive about Jeremy, many of them hide behind a veil of deceit like the pop up on your computer that says [hide me] . I think anyone who follows this case knows who they are, some could be Freemason's in high places – it’s funny how every time the defence gets a real solid breakthrough, the ranks close and the shields come up - like Rome's Army and the wild dogs come out to devour the leftovers.

I have always found Jeremy polite, easy to talk to, cheerful, and positive;  resourceful showing great strength in his belief that he will be free. That day can't come too soon and may the truth come to light with nothing hidden. I wish Jeremy did not have to endure one more day in jail. I for one will be glad to greet him when he walks out the gates a free man with a joyful heart.